Textfeld: Climms grew up in the Upper Rhine Valley in southern Germany, close to the montains of the Black Forest.

The early passion for cars and landscapes was massively influenced by his fathers business and the painters from the Karlsruhe Academy, his family held contact to.

At the age of ten paintings of „W107 following the Pagoda“ were made - quoting photos from the „Der gute Stern auf allen Straßen“- called car magazine of that time.

The style of his works - the quoting and finishing of car photos and illustrations, the composing of forms and colours in his very own mind context - developed from day to day.

A extensive period of studies and travelling followed, collecting light and landscape impressions of southern France, Italy, Spain, the Atlantic and Pacific coast, Chile, the Midwest and New York. The first computers appeared and opened Climms an appropriate medium for his art.

After his graduation at KIT, Climms moved to  Dusseldorf „painting“ layouts for industrial units of the car industry followed by a four year intermezzo in the music industry for a Hamburg located record company.

Stuttgart - the capital of  Gemany‘s car industry and the ideal place for „the daily bath in classic car history“ - became his home für almost ten years. Variuos projects for car makes led Climms to China, Russia, Turkey, Egypt, Israel and many more inspiring countries and places adding more and more inspiration to his passion: 

Classic Cars and Landscapes

At present Climms lives near Baden-Baden.