Textfeld: MAE: „Climms, why you‘re doing this?“

Climms: „It is what I start doing when I am one with my time.“

MAE: „People say. you were „on“ music before.“

Climms:  „Yes, some other pixels in the kaleidoscope of life — and I still play. To be „on“ Classic Cars and Landscapes is just another way to find harmony.

MAE: „ So harmony is someting important for you?“

Climms: „It is my essence - without harmony I suffer… I  really can not live without it.“

MAE: „Harmony and cars - how do you get this parallel?“

Climms: „Those cars I use for my works are synmphonies - imagine their designers work - and I want to get those in a state of harmony by composing my way of context.“

MAE: „You work with photos, don‘t you?“

Climms. „I do not care about the process of reproduction of a car. It was designed once – full stop. I can not and do not want to change it. I take it as it is and I start playing with it by putting it into my state of imagination and harmony.“

MAE: „Your stile expresses the complete opposite of what „average man“ is expecting regarding precision and details when it comes to an illustration of a car ...“

Climms: „ … yes, and I let the spectator find new aspects whenever approaching my work, coming from the spectators mind. I leave space for personal and situative interpretation and so it will stay interesting for the owner with each and every look at it - please try!“

MAE: „ There was a period of intesive integration of landscapes in your works - those days are over?

Climms: „Not at all! Nature offers the most beautyful elements to create harmony offering an enormous spread of expressions for my feelings - this is what I am in. But  there are some ideas I pushed aside for some time but they return again in some very personal situation - let me call it a second valve to reduce pressure on my inside.“

MAE: „A little explanation might help …“

Climms: „I turn on the radio and get sick.“

MAE: „Music or politics?“

Climms: „Seen my last works?“

MAE: „OK — Any plans for the future?“

Climms: „Making people feel good - including me.“

MAE: „A change?“

Climms: „A chance.“